neeka is regarded as one of Belgium's most cherished singer-songwriters and up till now has made 4 critically acclaimed and successful albums.


Her self-titled debut album (1999) brought her to the public eye with a cover of Tom Robinson's ‘Listen To The Radio’. The cover resulted in a double bill tour with Tom Robinson who was stunned by her song writing and feeling for the English language.


‘Candy Comfort’ (2002) was neeka's breakthrough album with the big hit ‘Don't Hold Me Back’, a duet with Zita Swoon frontman Stef Kamil Carlens. The song received massive airplay on all radio stations in Belgium and Holland. neeka played big festivals that year (T/W, Dranouter, Crossing border) and toured Europe with Hooverphonic.


After that neeka became a mother and later on made the album that she had in her head for a long time ‘Women Wonderland’ (2005). The album is a contemporary pop album with a natural swing that is coloured by classical instruments like harpsichord, organ and lute. The wondrous events in neeka's life provide an extra sparkle to the songs on this album. ‘Women Wonderland’ shows neeka's international experience more clearly than ever. As with any talented artist, neeka's gift is in the details. The album has eleven songs that went beyond her previous influences and exposes an authentic musical style. The music is pop but with unusual and beautiful sounds and a very natural biorhythm. Universal Belgium hears the album and is sold on it immediately. ‘Butterfly’, the single from that album, became the next neeka classic.


In between albums, neeka recorded a beautiful duet with Mint ‘The More I’ and participated in different musical projects (Neil Young Tribute, vocals for singer-songwriter Venus In Flames...).


For her fourth album ‘Robin’, she travelled to Richmond, Virginia in the U.S. to work with producer John Morand (Sparklehorse, Jason Molina, Mint...) at Sound of Music recording studio. As always, the song writing on this album is outstanding and sound wizard John Morand helps neeka create that universe where excellent melodies, folk, a hint of jazz, sitars, violins, and synths all come together in what still remains pop music ! Always there's that beautiful voice that can bring up a whole range of emotions, sometimes breaking your heart, then filling you with pure joy but always a comfort to the soul.


The songs on neeka's fifth album ‘Deeper Well’ are more personal than ever. But at the same time more universal. As always there's a wild variety of emotions and arrangements all held together by a wonderful sense of melody and a beautiful voice.

In search for a producer neeka remembered a nice conversation with Bent Van Looy, lead singer of Das Pop and got in touch with him. He produced ‘Sit w you’, a sweet springtime song about friendship. Niek Meul, the bass player, also ‘the quiet one’, took on the rest of the album. The rest of the band joined in when they were in town.

The result of this collaboration with younger musicians is a really fresh sounding album. And there's more ! Float Fall and Geppetto & The Whales, two of Belgium's most promising bands also contribute to the album.

‘Deeper Well’ is definitely a female singer-songwriter album. neeka's songs are in line with the work of Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Joan Baez... But she never forgets to add contemporary influences to the mix.

Maybe a last word about the title track, possibly her best song ever. About the alienating effect of too much ambition. Dark disco with a message...

Still waters run deep(er).